About Me

Hi, my name is Tran Nguyen, and I'm a passionate AI artist. However, before discovering my passion for AI art, I embarked on a journey of exploration to find my true calling.

I hold an MIS in Information Systems from the University of Missouri St. Louis, along with a graduate certificate in cybersecurity. My prior work experience as a web content specialist and social media researcher piqued my interest in emerging technologies. However, my desire to explore a multitude of interests, ranging from 3D printing and cybersecurity to AI, database, digital art, UI design, and front-end development, left me searching for a clear direction.

In 2022, I discovered AI art and found myself fascinated by the endless possibilities that came with combining AI and art. This discovery was a turning point in my journey, and I knew I had found my true calling. I became an AI artist, honed my skills, and began exploring the unique ways to exploit AI art and create something exceptional.

Best Regards,

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